Tree Trimming & Pruning

Don’t fix something that is not broken. The same goes for trees. We don’t remove a tree if not necessary. Instead, we do much more. We try to revive it using the proper pruning and trimming techniques. Trees are a valuable part of our existence, and they deserve all the care and attention they can get from us. If your tree has overgrown limbs or branches or beginning to show signs of decline, don’t immediately resort to felling it. Give us a call, and we will inspect it and tell you if it can be restored with trimming. Our highly-trained arborists can help save you time and money by trimming your tree in the right places. We happily serve Columbus, OH, and its nearby cities. 

A vital part of maintaining a home or business is keeping the trees in good health and shape. Proper caring for trees can significantly enhance their appearance and boost their health throughout their life. A well-maintained tree is beneficial not only for your yard but the entire community. By removing dead or damaged branches, you can prevent property damage and accidents from happening. You will also improve the overall look of your property and make it appear more appealing. 

Correct pruning can assist proper development and desirable growth patterns for trees. This will keep them from growing in all directions and away from fixed structures like buildings or power lines. Regular trimming sessions with a professional arborist can ensure that your tree grows in a manner that it should and prevent unwanted accidents down the line. 

Our qualified team can help preserve your tree and bring back its former glory using the best techniques guided by tree care organizations. We can also use bracing or cabling techniques if your tree can’t support itself. This method will reinforce the tree and give the necessary support to weather wind, ice, and even storms. 

Tree Trimming Process

We start our trimming process like most of our services. Our crew member will visit your property to gauge the job. We will discuss your tree’s situation and recommend the best trimming approach to guarantee the task’s success. Rest assured that we will not do more than what is required to avoid over-trimming your tree. 

We complete tree trimming with much attention to detail to ensure safety and quality. Our team usually works with heavy machinery, but we can also climb up the tree using a safety harness if it does not allow large equipment. Whether you prefer to haul the wood away or pile it up anywhere on your property, we can do it. Our team will leave your home without a trace of debris or tree-related waste. Tree pruning, on the other hand, is a more subtle alternative to trimming. While trimming entails eliminating major branches, pruning focuses on removing water shoots and small limbs. Scarlet Tree Service is competent in the scientific and artistic way of pruning trees to reach their full potential. 

If you have several trees in your yard that need trimming or pruning, you can take advantage of our multi-tree discount offer. We will be glad to take care of your trees like they are our own.

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